We have built this section to simplify caregiver’s/ elderly’s search for useful information.

1. Fight against Covid-19

This section provides information on

  • General Awareness
  • Hospitals
  • Travel Advisories
  • Citizens
  • Employees
  • States/Departments/Ministries activity

Please visit website of Ministry of Health & family Welfare (link for detailed information

2. Health Ailments and Treatments

Hypertension, cardiac problems, diabetes, joint pains, kidney infections, cancer, tuberculosis and eye problems are some ailments that generally affect senior citizens. These disorders require proper treatment. Medical treatments for senior citizens include various cures ranging from allopathic to naturopathy treatments.

In this section, you would find information about common health problems that affect senior citizens, prevention tips and treatment centres. If you are an older person, it is important that you get medical check-ups regularly to prevent the onset of any of these health conditions. Once they occur, these conditions may take a long time to heal. This leads to a lot of unnecessary expenses and stress. That is why prevention is the best cure.

Please visit National Portal of India (link for details.

3. Finance & Taxes

This section provides information related finance and taxes, and covers sectors namely insurance, banking, economy, trade and business etc. Details of acts, rules, schemes, policies, budget, online services, etc. by the Union and state governments are also available in this section.

Please visit National Portal of India (link for details.

4. Law & Justice

This section has detailed information about various legislations, rules and regulations, legal institutions, commissions and tribunals. You can also get information about the Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts, Legal Aid, Profession, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) etc. Details of online services and free legal aid schemes are also available. Related documents and forms are provided in this section.

Please visit National Portal of India (link ) for details.

5. Health & Family Welfare

This section provides information pertaining to health programmes, policies, schemes, forms etc. for specific beneficiaries which include women, children, senior citizen, etc. Details of Union and state government agencies, departments, organisations, research institutions, hospitals are also available.

Please visit National Portal of India (link ) for details.

6. Old Age Homes

Old age homes are meant for senior citizens who are unable to stay with their families or are destitute. States in India such as Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra and West Bengal have developed good quality old age homes. These old age homes have special medical facilities for senior citizens such as mobile health care systems, ambulances, nurses and provision of well-balanced meals.

There are more than a thousand old age homes in India. Most of them offer free accommodation. Some homes work on a payment basis depending on the type and quality of services offered. Apart from food, shelter and medical amenities, old age homes also provide yoga classes to senior citizens. Old age homes also provide access to telephones and other forms of communication so that residents may keep in touch with their loved ones. Some old age homes have day care centres. These centres only take care of senior citizens during the day.

For older people who have nowhere to go and no one to support them, old age homes provide a safe haven. These homes also create a family like atmosphere among the residents. Senior citizens experience a sense of security and friendship when they share their joys and sorrows with each other.

Please visit National Portal of India (link ) for the detailed list.

7. Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act

This act provides in-expensive and speedy procedure to claim monthly maintenance for parents and senior citizens. This act casts obligations on children to maintain their parents/grandparents and also the relative of the senior citizens to maintain such senior citizens. The main attraction of this act is there are provisions to protect the life and property of such persons. This act also provides setting up of old age homes for providing maintenance to the indigent senior citizens and parents. This Act extends to the whole of India

Please visit Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (link ) for details.


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