Air Cmde. Daljit Singh (Retd.), VSM


Air Commodore Daljit Singh is an accomplished personality, who has excelled in life and in his profession as an officer in the fighting arm of the Indian Air Force for 33 years.He has been a persona cut above, who was known to challenge efficacy of existing SOPs and provided more potent alternatives in employing air effort to cause maximum damage to the enemy. He has the rare experience of guiding our offensive missions to the enemy territory and bring them back safely under extreme hostile environment during the 71 war with our adversary.

In his dossier, his superiors brought his personality mode while recording “his achievements have been especially commendable in areas of operational planning, training of oplcrew, review and refinement of Air Defence procedures”.

He was decorated with VASHISHT SEVA MEDAL by the President of India for his “exceptional devotion to duty, professional excellence and unique leadership qualities”

In his personal life, he is successfully managing the demanding needs of his ailing wife. He is also a shoulder to many elderly couples for positive aging.

He has a vision to build community-based support and services for the elderly.

Kamal was a hands-on caregiver for both his parents during their golden innings of 18 years.He recognises how overwhelming, challenging, and all-consuming eldercare can be and is also aware of the support required to facilitate positive aging.

He tweaked the professional career options to stay with his parents in India.He gained mastery in the art of real time balancing between effective eldercare at home and efficient management at workplace while also not failing to attend to further family obligations.

Kamal comes from a technology background and has around two and a half decade of successful work experience as a business executive. He carries both corporate as well as entrepreneurial experience. Prior to joining carebuddy, he was Executive Vice-President with Japanese technology major, NTT, and managed their ICT business within India. His corporate work experience is also mapped to well-known brands like TATA Communications, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, Sify Technologies, and Punj Lloyd.

Kamal’s hobbies include gardening, playing with his pets, long distance travelling & collecting souvenirs. He also enjoys fusion cooking for the family on special days.

He views carebuddy assignment as an important step towards achieving his life purpose of “giving back” to the community.

Kamal Arora


Kiran Jain


Kiran believes that until you have experienced caregiver services, you cannot truly appreciate how extraordinary it is or how wonderful the people who provide it are.

Kiran has witnessed the difference caregivers make in the lives of the people whom you love. Without the support of a home caregiver, his grandfather would have had to leave his home, away from the unbreakable bonds he made with his family, friends, and neighbors, and the precious memories he had cultivated.

Kiran has observed in awe at the warmth and kindness depicted in caregivers. Although these interactions may seem trivial, in those moments you realize how senior home care is important, and means so much to the people who need it. Years later as his own parents grew older, he decided to relocate them to live with him and his family to provide them with the best care, support, and companionship.

As Kiran began to take care of his elderly parents, he found his calling to be involved in a company that delivers exceptional caregiving services to parents such as his own. Being part of an extremely talented team that is united in delivering extraordinary care and support to their clients and their clients’ parents is a privilege for Kiran.

Kiran has been working in the IT industry in the United States for the past twenty-three years, holding a variety of roles and responsibilities. His true passion is to create a better world for people to grow older in and to inspire individuals to care for and serve the senior community.

In his free time, Kiran often takes long runs through natural trails and enjoys spending his evenings in the garden holding a cup of tea. Kiran can also be found in the kitchen with his wife, creating new recipes for his family to try.

Hursh Jain

Head of Marketing (North America)

Hursh is currently a third-year student at the University of California Santa Cruz, with a major in Business Management Economics and a minor in Technology Information Management Systems.

Prior to attending college, Hursh spent numerous years volunteering at Oakmont of San Jose, as an Assistant Activities Director for the seniors at the facility. During his time here he learned much about what the elderly want and need in their daily lives, along with how simple tasks become more complicated with old age. It was here he realized how crucial having a reliable support system can be and this what Hursh has strived to accomplish with carebuddy.

Living in the United States, Hursh has noticed that the norm is to place your parents in nursing homes. However, while this may seem practical for many families, Hursh truly believes a better alternative can be reached. Rather than sending your parents or grandparents somewhere to receive care, why not bring the care to them? With this approach, you allow your parents to stay in the comfort and independence of their home, surrounded by their family, while also providing them with the care they need and deserve.

Throughout high school, Hursh found his interest in politics when he joined the debate team. Hursh was ranked 43rd in the United States for Parliamentary Debate. In addition, he has also played the trumpet for nine years and was a member of his school’s A-League varsity tennis team.

Outside of his academic life, Hursh also enjoys learning more about the mechanics of cars and spends much of his free time with his friends and family.

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