As a not for profit social enterprise, we are committed to providing our senior citizens with lovable care and trusted support.

We engage ex-servicemen and the widows of defense personnel. Our support plans help senior citizens manage and resolve a multitude of problems. Our hope and vision is to provide you, or your loved ones with a restful and carefree retirement.

We currently serve the senior citizens residing in the National Capital Region of Delhi.


Telephone consultation

With senior citizen and/or caregiver to understand the challenges and support required

In-home evaluation

Assessing elderly health status and home safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the elderly

Create a support plan

For maximizing what life has to offer and minimizing what troubles life may present

Regular support

On-ground support along with 24/7 help desk services

Real time update

Distant caregivers




We would exhibit exemplary service through helping needy people address, manage and resolve various problems. We would strive to increase our clients’ capability to change, address their own needs and become self-reliant. We would always elevate public service above self-interest and personal gain.


We would value the dignity and worth of each person. We would treat each client in a compassionate and respectful way that is mindful of individual differences, cultural norms and ethnic diversity. We would strive our best to build a self-reliant society.


We would always act in trustworthy ways. We would maintain a continual awareness of our organization’s mission, our values and individual ethical standards.

NHuman Relationships

We believe that the relationships between people are important vehicles for change, advocacy and equity. We would engage clients, service users, families, other professionals and community program staff as partners in strengthening Indian value system.

NSocial Awareness

We would advocate for social justice for the elderly. We would encourage the public to exhibit respect the elderly and support them in graceful aging.



To build a mass care ecosystem of passionate care-givers for the deserving senior citizens.


To witness an Indian society where every deserving senior citizen has an active care giver.


The organization exists to help the deserving senior citizens lead a comfortable golden innings. We chose a model to raise funds through servicing the group of customers who can afford it and use all the profits for the following activities:

  • Offering up to 100% subsidy on our plans to the less privileged senior citizens
  • Spreading mass awareness on right treatment to the senior citizens
  • To build a mass care ecosystem of passionate caregivers for the deserving senior citizens, aligned with our vision of one caregiver per senior citizen.

We are in a process of constantly improving our reach and would be delighted to have your suggestions/on-ground support.  You can write to Diya Jain ([email protected]) for inputs on digital media action and Devansh Arora ([email protected]) for inputs on  anything related with on-ground giveback initiative.

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